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Internet Speed Test

Important tips before you begin

Before you perform a speed test from your connection, it's important that no other application is using your connection in any way whatsoever. Close all P2P file-sharing applications (Emule, Ares, Bit torrent, etc) or any other software that requires an internet connection (instant messaging applications like MSN Messengers, Skype). Also, check for programs ran at startup that checks for updates such as antivirus, windows update, etc.


Our ADSL speed test can measure the download and upload speed of all broadband services from USA Internet service providers. Among them: Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, Charter Communications, BellSouth, Qwest DSL, Mediacom, SpeakEasy, ORSC, Sprintlink, Cisco, Time Warner Cable, RoadRunner, Brighthouse, & Earthlink and more.
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